ESTD 2014

We are The Cirqus.

The Cirqus is a creative studio that is fueled by its passion to create unique and stunning visuals, no matter the medium: Visual Effects, Animation, Games, Theme Parks.

We are visual storytellers. From concept to creation.

About The Cirqus

The Cirqus is a burgeoning creative space resting on the foundation of  teamwork, that creates quality visuals and pushes the boundaries of technology in the Entertainment industry.

At The Cirqus, we know every project is a tightrope-walk : A balancing act of artistic ingenuity, proficient execution and efficient delivery. 

Our teams are flexible enough to contort their way around different platforms and robust enough to take on any problems – creative or technical. Conjuring fascinating concepts and content out of thin air, augmenting existing ideas to perfection, and taking a project to that final act are all part of a typical day at The Cirqus.

Balloon 360: VRide

UAE Exchange

Livguard: Rough India’s Tough Battery

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